What to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Attorney

Getting caught up on the wrong side of the law is something nobody wishes upon himself or herself. However, sometimes it is inevitable. Choosing the right attorney can be a very challenging undertaking, but it is important because your life depends on it. It is even more stressful when you are faced with a criminal case and have little time to visit various offices to get the best candidate for the job. Before is list of what to look for before you contract a criminal attorney.

1. Do They Possess the Relevant Experience?
Of great importance should be their experience in handling similar cases. Find out whether they have experience in winning trials like yours. If they frequently handle cases such as yours then they are better equipped to represent you in the court of law and win. You can also ask about the strategy they intend to apply in order to ensure that you win the case.

2. Ask for References and Testimonials
Law firms and other businesses are known for blowing their own trumpet even in circumstances where they have failed to represent or serve their clients well. Perhaps the best place to start is by asking for their past clients and interviewing them in person. You may also want to visit review websites such as the BBB to get an idea of what other clients feel about them.  These are some tips we learned from Michael Aed – Fresno Criminal Attorney.

3. Legal Fees
This is a very important factor to consider because they are finally going to bill you for their services. Do they charge hourly or have a fixed/ flat rate kind of billing system? Visiting various firms will enable you to compare the rates and consider the most competitive. Remember that most expensive does not always mean best service. However, do keep in mind that the most reputable firms often charge the highest legal fees.

4. The Nature of Your Communication
How they handle the communication between you and them before the trial will determine how you will relate during the entire period of the trial. The relationship should be a professional one, but you need to feel comfortable enough to ask any question for clarification. An unresponsive attorney is a red flag and you should be careful in your dealings with him or her.

Hiring the right criminal attorney can be a challenge because of the time constraint. However, it is totally worth it because you will be leaving your life in their hand. Hopefully these tips help you get started on your next criminal case.

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