Our Partners

Saus Chamber has a number partners that help us in ensuring a great and healthy business environment in Georgia. We cannot make change happen alone and therefore we are very grateful and proud of our partners.

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs
This agency works towards the education about and prevention of drug abuse. They regularly do research on drug use and the prevalence in the community to create awareness and promote prevention.

Georgia Leadership
This is a great organization that offers opportunities for young leaders to come together and be trained and educated to be leaders in the community.

Employer’s Association of Bonaire
This association offers human resource services and help to local businesses. They also offer solutions and support to ensure that every business runs smoothly and that all employees are treated fairly.

Economic Development of Georgia Organization
This organization is based on partnerships between the public and private sector businesses. It helps to fund the state’s economic development through marketing and other strategies.

Travel and Tourism
The hospitality business is a large contributor to the local economy and this organization works closely with restaurants hotels, B&Bs, transportation, and others to ensure good quality service. They also train and inform these businesses of the large effect their businesses have on the economy.

Medical Association of Georgia
Hospitals, clinics, and private practices play a large role in the economy and the general health of the community. As a partner, this association works closely with the Chamber to make sure that medical aid and other related factors are addressed.

Job Creators Network
This network is focused on creating jobs and lowering the employment rates in Georgia.