5 Reasons Why You Should Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

If you are not sure about joining your local Chamber of Commerce or don’t know why you should, keep reading. For people who are just starting their own businesses or people who have no idea what the Chamber of Commerce does, it seems like something from a strange world. However, if you are a local business owner, it is important that you join the Chamber of Commerce. Here’s why:

Credibility – When you are a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, consumers view you and your business as more credible. People are much more likely to eat at a restaurant that belongs to the Chamber of Commerce. Insurance companies are more likely to view you favourably when you belong to the Chamber.

Networking – Networking is very important in the business world especially if you want your business to grow. When you serve on one of the Chamber committees, you get many opportunities to network and you also learn a lot about leadership and business development.

Voice – The Chamber deals with a lot of issues like opposing new regulations or taxes. It fights for local businesses and helps to protect the principles of free enterprise. Being part of the Chamber puts you in a position to make yourself heard and bring about change.

Visibility – Once you are a member of the Chamber, you will be added to newsletters, on Facebook, and other publications. The Chamber may even sponsor or be involved in your businesses, grand opening and also offer opportunities for marketing and advertising.

Referrals – Chamber members are contacted daily to find out if they know about good vendors for certain services or products. Chamber members are more inclined to refer another Chamber member than someone they don’t know. In this way, you are getting referrals and business and you can return the favour.

Being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce has many benefits for a local business. You are part of a network of businesses and people that support each other and that offers many opportunities for growth. It will be the best thing for your business.


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