5 Different Chamber Models in the United States of America

The local Chamber of Commerce is focused on economic development and a healthy business environment. Businesses who belong to the Chamber enjoy many great benefits. There are different models of these chambers, including community, city, and regional chambers.

1. Community Chambers

Community Chambers were started when communities became larger and many businesses started operating within the community. These chambers are some of the smaller kind and have limits on the number of people who can be members.

2. City Chambers

City Chambers operate within larger areas than community chambers, but smaller than state chambers. There are approximately 3000 such chambers in the States. The oldest of these chambers is the Charleston Chamber of Commerce that was established in 1773.

3. State Chambers

State Chambers are the big boys when it comes to local business. They are involved with fighting unfair laws or taxes. They are very involved in business growth and keeping the local economy strong. They have input into legislation and are involved with the Governor, state representatives, senators, and congressional leaders. These chambers have a very important role in the economic and business environment of a state and its cities.

4. Compulsory Chambers

Compulsory Chambers are also sometimes called Public-Law Chambers. These chambers require that businesses of a certain size or within a certain business sector belong to the chamber. Their goals involve foreign trade promotion, economic development, vocational training, and also services and support to these businesses. This model is most often found in European countries and Japan.

5 Continental Chambers

These chambers do not require any business to become a member. Businesses can choose to become members to reap the many benefits. Businesses join the Chambers to develop their contacts, network, gain a status of credibility, and also have an active part in the economy. Countries like the USA and the UK make use of this model.

As you can see, there are different chamber models each based on the need of its community. Each level of Chambers has a valuable role and aims to ensure that their local businesses are developed and can be successful.


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